Kristin Lennox

Kristin Lennox

Membro à 9 anos
"warm, natural, conversational, real, mom"

I'm an actor, first and foremost, so my voiceovers are always genuine and natural. I can make even the most commercial script sound conversational and real, and I specialize in the "mom" sound.

I've also got a quirky side, which can come out in my natural voice, or in lots of characters and dialects.

But if you just want straight announcer -- I can do that, too.

Best of all, I take direction very well, whether it's in an email or through ISDN or a phone patch.


Twenty years experience as a working voice talent, plus a BA in theater and 25 years as a working stage actor.


Clients include:
Royal Caribbean
Carrier Heating & Air-Conditioning
Passages Malibu
Cellular One
The Finish Line
Centex Homes
Dow Chemical
The Hoosier Lottery
The Funimation Channel
The United Way
Conservation International