Koop Kooper

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"Natural and Conversational. Everyman Modern Sound"
Koop Kooper

US, British or Australian accent..... Kooper is the voice of many of the world's most trusted brands. His dynamic vocal style has been described as Velvety, Fresh, Sophisticated, Conversational, and Intelligent. ★ Be sure to click on the heart icon to add Koop to your favorites, so that you can find him when you need him ★ He's the only Koop Kooper in the world! Friendly, Conversational, Smooth, and Professional. Whether it's Spotify commercials, voicing characters on Cartoon Network, narrating instructional videos for Facebook, or pitching network promos, Koop Kooper provides a dynamic range of voice-over wizardry. And when it comes to producing pristine, lush voice-overs for your project, Koop can deliver! VOICE STYLE/TYPE Koop’s voice-over type has been described as friendly, conversational, believable, confident, smooth, guy next door, authoritative, animated, sincere, corporate, professional, relatable, sophisticated, informative, and educational. He is consistently cast in a wide range of age requirements: From Millennial, to Generation X, to Middle Age, as well as a variety of dialects, including BBC British, American and Canadian. His voice has been strongly likened to Ricky Gervais| Don La Fontaine | Russell Crowe| Chris Hemsworth | George Clooney | Mike Rowe | James Earl Jones| Paul Hogan| Steve Urwin| Morgan Freeman PERFORMANCE CAPABILITIES Friendly is the first word that comes to most client’s minds when describing Koop’s voice. Conversational Fresh Witty Attractive Excited Energetic Narrator British Storyteller Authentic Teacher Believable Everyman Confident Informative Warm Guy Next Door Authoritative Executive Engaging Upbeat Articulate Inspirational Energetic Educational Corporate Natural Animated Casual Enthusiastic Deep Knowledgeable Calm Caring Amusing Trustworthy Youthful Strong Serious Narrator Calming Happy Comforting Dynamic Sophisticated Intellectual Motivational Bold Classy High Energy Thoughtful Commanding Smooth Attitude Uplifting Playful Attentive Masculine Soothing Easygoing Softspoken Funny Bubbly Athletic Straightforward Reassuring Endearing Proud Professorial Hip Humorous Persuasive Laid Back and Technical are also accurate descriptors. Whether you need a voice-over for a commercial, white-board animation, corporate narration, video, e-learning, explainer video, training video, internet video, TV project, educational script, IVR prompts, on-hold message, tutorial, direct response ad (DR), talking toy, GPS, medical, technical, legal, mobile app (android or iOS), radio imaging, or a high powered promo . . .Koop can deliver. BUSINESS PHILOSOPHY Koop believes in treating clients like partners. Working together should be as easy as if you were working together in the same office. Communication is frequent and work is completed promptly (often within 1 hour of hiring) so that you never have to guess the progress of your project or worry if it will be completed on time. Many of the world's most trusted brands trust Koop’s voice (and service). . . and you can too! STUDIO AND AUDIO Voice-over is more than just a great read. Demanding clients expect high quality, pristine audio, and that is precisely what you can expect with Koop. Voice-overs are recorded within an ultra-quiet, acoustically treated Studio Bricks booth using a Sennheiser 416 microphone for world class sound. The studio is equipped with Source Connect, Cleanfeed and Skype allowing you the option of directing the session from your location.


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