Kody Pisney

Kody Pisney

Membro à 2 anos •
"Young, enthusiastic VO with a classical music background"

Kody is a youthful, kinetic new voice in the Houston and Dallas/Ft. Worth areas of South East, Texas. Kody brings an infectious enthusiasm and exuberant energy with his voice over reads and he always makes it his goal to bring a smile and relatability in his character work. Kody uses skillsets gained from his background and training in classical music and public school to help foster community within his client base and colleagues: he always looks to add value and build relationships for the future, that way everyone wins! In his spare time, Kody enjoys performing, playing piano, drinking delicious cocktails, and playing video games with his nephew.


Kody has worked with vocal coaches Dave Rosenthal and Steve Reisberg through the Global Voice Acting Academy to develop and refine his VO work. Kody's core tenets for approaching work are always: (I) What kind of copy is it and how does it inform the read?; (II) What are the circumstances of the copy's scene?; (III) How do we play the scene with the intended audience to ensure a natural flow and intention?


He has just started working as a voice actor, and is excited to help you with your marketing needs today!


Kody is also a classically trained vocal and brass musician and has worked as a professional musician in Houston, TX for over a decade. The musical background Kody has helps assist him with a natural sense for rhythm and meter and has helped him develop a rich and bright vocal timbre for his Baritone.