Keyondra Shanae

Keyondra Shanae

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"Versatile. Professional. The KEY to all your voice over needs."

Keyondra is a New York City based voice actor with a versatile voice that fits a wide variety of projects. Specializing in gritty, athletic, and inspiring commercials, her ability to change vocal styles from delivering a warm and friendly urban sound, to a bubbly girl next door feel, to the strength of a powerful female warrior, makes her sought out by clients worldwide.

Her voice has been heard in television, radio, and internet commercials throughout the world, having done voice over work for major brands and companies such as Under Armour, Bridgestone, Optimum Nutrition, Pantene, Youtube, Amazon, Indeed, Disney and many more.

She has also been heard in popular video games and apps. Some of her best known roles include the voice of the mysterious and sultry Sester Genessa in Mortal Shell, the sarcastic and sadistic Jack-O-Chica in Ultimate Custom Night and Five Nights at Freddy’s AR: Special delivery, the kind and gentle Mapa in Ok Play, and the soft spoken Lailah in AFK Arena. Her voice has also been heard in video game trailers, promos, web videos, animation, and many other genres.

Her natural voice has been described as soothing, warm, friendly, engaging, sweet and expressive, with just the right amount of texture. As a genuinely versatile voice actor, she is able to change her vocal style, while still maintaining a believable, conversational tone. So whether you need a young, child-like voice, an evil villain, some urban flair, a girl next door, or even something not of this world, she will work with you to bring your project to life. Keyondra can also provide multiple voices for the same project, giving each one its own unique sound, personality and characteristics.

As a classically trained musician, she brings a high level of artistry to voice over projects, while still maintaining an authentic, believable sound. She will handle your project with great care, and give you the quality read that you are looking for.


VO Training w/ Roger Leopardi
Video Game Voice Acting - Andrea Toyias
Voice Acting - Big Voice Productions
Film Acting - Acting in Columbus
Commercial Acting - Acting in Columbus
Improvisation/Improv Comedy - Big Voice Productions and Columbus Unscripted


Many happy clients including:

Optimum Nutrition
Under Armour

And many more


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