Keith Piccolo

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"Character and Accent Voice Overs"
Keith Piccolo

Keith's voice is unique in that his diversity enables him to go from creating a lovable, youthful voice to an old, sinister voice without missing a beat. Keith has done voice overs in a variety of settings; animation characters, advertising spots, promotional materials, audio books, and so much more.


Keith began his vocal training in high school under the direction of a music instructor, who gave Keith the tools to further develop his skills in vocal impersonations and intonations. Keith has attended seminars on vocal presentation, and further refined his gift during his Master's degree course work.


Alpha Omega Publications created a digital home school curriculum, called Switched-On Schoolhouse, in which Keith's talents are featured in sound bites, animations, and videos.


Keith's favorite skill is vocal impersonations of cartoon and animated characters, such as Mickey Mouse, Kermit the Frog, Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz, Alf, and many more. Keith also enjoys doing foreign accents, such as French, German, Australian, Egyptian, British, Italian, and Mexican, as well as impersonating distinct individuals such as Gilbert Godfry and Arnold Schwarzenegger.