Kasper Michaels

Kasper Michaels

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"I am a Storyteller. Let me tell your story."

A Canadian professional VO artist living in London, my accent has been described as Neutral North American, which gives me a unique position both here in the UK and back home across the pond. Though I specialize in narration, I have experience in most catagories of VO, including e-learning, documentaries, radio and television commericals, audiobooks and corporate industrials.


I have spent over 25years as a professional actor, appearing on stage and both big and little screens. A lot of my acting skills and training transferred over into Voice, including the abilities to listen and take direction; to give the client what they want when they want it, and to provide 100% all the time no matter the project. Every story is different and needs to be told well.

I have spent the last 10 years honing my Voice Over skills, learning most of my skills from on the job training.


My first VO job was a large animation project in Vancouver. I was asked to audition for a robot. Bringing in my best C3PO banter and Hal9000 mystique, imagine my surprise when the producers ask me if I can do a "bad" Thurston Howell III from Gilligan's Island. Lesson learned there. In VO always expect the unexpected. One of my first VO jobs in the UK was a documentary for the Smithsonian Institute. Scientists were building their own 6 Million Dollar man using today's technology. I felt I had entered the big leaques. More than 10yrs later, I am still in the booth, telling your story.

My clients have included, Sony, Disney, Shell, The Smithsonian Institute, Gucci, and the Discovery Channel to name a few.

I volunteer my time with the RNIB to provide audiobooks for the blind, and SPORK!, a non-profit charity that specializes in helping and providing information about the differently abled, whom I am helping transpose their articles to voice.

I am currently the Narrator for Mysteries of the Abandoned, the top rated program on Discovery Science, which has just entered it's 9th season


I tell a good story