Karina Ciprian

Karina Ciprian

Membro à 2 anos •
"Female Voice over Talent Bilingual ( Spanish/ English)"

I’m a Female Neutral Spanish -English ( Bilingual) voice talent with more than 15 years of experience

I do have a professional studio along with my husband
We do productions for many clients ,RADIO ads , DUBBING and so forth

We like to do the job until the client is satisfied !

Spanish is my native language and I also speak and understand English very well, we also offer TRANSLATE service if needed .

I work radio daily and my professional studio is next door so you’ll have soon what you need ;

*Voice over
*Post production

We use Pro Tools for editing , Apollo 8 UAD and Neumann U8

Thanks for your attention ,



I studied voice over acting in Dom.Rep. _ Escuela Nacional de Locución (National Broadcasting School ) graduated and have been
working voice over ver since 1997. Doing a radio music show during the morning and after that voice over .


I have been the voice of recognize brands and
Phone company as Orange .

Others brands like Pampers
Many e learnings and trainings materials
Also YouTube dubbing videos .


We produce for many clients , radio ads and recordings for their brands
Handle sometimes their translations and voice over
With us you’ll hopefully find all in one place .

We like to deliver one time and as soon as possible
As we understand that sometimes these jobs have a short time for delivery date .