Kari Toivonen

Kari Toivonen

Membro à 6 anos
"Experienced voice talent who has done everything"

I have been working in the voice over business for over 25 years. I have a professional studio and I am working as a copywriter and commercial producer in an advertising agency. I have done all kinds of voice acting for various medias; television, radio, web, announcements etc. Working on the both sides of the microphone has given me an ability to quickly understand the script and what the client wants. As an experienced copywriter I can also proofread the translated scripts so that they will be grammatically correct.


I started my career as a radio comedian and moved from there to the advertising business. I have done both scripted and professionally produced, recorded programs as well as live broadcasts before entering the world of commercial spots. I have written thousands of radio commercials, recorded and produced as many and acted in even more. I am also a musician and I have worked with studio equipment for all my life.


I have made thousands of commercials for nearly as many companies so it is hard to pick most prominent ones. I have done voice overs for TeliaSonera, Nordea, various car dealers, TOK, various sports teams, V-S Taxi Data phone prompts, JYSK etc.


Casting, directing, post-production. Proofreading, checking translations from English to Finnish and from Swedish to Finnish.