Josh Roxton

Membro à 3 anos
"From corporate to cartoon, jingle to jazz. I have the voice for"
Josh Roxton

Doing voices for cartoons and games is my real interest as the characters can be developed and honed to be recognisable from any else but i am open to all voice acting opportunities.

Get me in the booth and lets create!


I have always loved anything to do with the voice and have sung in many bands, had a long stint as a solo artist and now a duo aptly named Roxton Met Herki. Along the way I have picked up many tricks and acquired a plethora of accents and characters with their own timbres and nuances. Hard sell, soft sell, sell you the one ring in the voice of the forsaken, you name it!


I have done voices for many FAQ and explainer videos, online games, automated answering messages for business, video games and TV commercials such as SASKO Sam.


Conduit Studios: (sasko)
Lake Productions: (Alex) (Conlog)
Audio melitia: (Biopelo) (mastercard)
Pressure cooker studios: (James) (Gambling count)
Forever giants studios: (Neil) (Sportz stories)
Network Media: (Micheal)
Chillibox Studios: (Jack)


Singing, Singing in accents and making up characters for cartoons and games