John Meissner

Membro à 2 anos
"Pro Home Studio with Source Connect!"

A distinctive voice, loaded with creativity and clarity! Quality sound, timely delivery and easy to direct. Colossal storytelling characters for video games and animation, filled with bone-chilling villainous laughter and quirky personalities. Years of military service provided me with both projection and vocal stamina perfect for lengthy high-energy recording sessions typical with video games and animation projects. Luxury commercials ranging from automotive, climate and technology to pet care, patriotism and family. Medical narration, business presentations, explainer videos, corporate videos, e-Learning projects and more!


Voice-over training from notable industry professionals including;
Elley-Ray Hennessy,
Marc Graue,
Chuck Duran,
Kim Hurdon,
Scott Parkin,
Ellen Dubin,
Taylor Kaye,
Tasia Valenza,
Steve Blum,
Debra Toffan,
Trish Allen,
Roger Leopardi,
Brent Allen Hagel,
Arianna Ratner,
Zach Anderson, and
Cara Pifko.
Video game demo produced by Chuck Duran. Commercial and Animation demos produced by Elley-Ray Hennessy.


New Roots Herbal,
Bendy and the Dark Revival (Video Game),
ENMAX Energy,
Square Terminal,
Sun Life Financial,
SCENEaMATIC Productions,
Food Network,
MiTec Cabinetry,
Down the Drain (Video Game),
Higher Morel Productions,
Amaryllis Homes,
LivClean Legacy Forest,
Graff Retail,
Judson Graphics,
The Government of Ontario,
Campbell's Soup,
St. John Ambulance, and
Canada's Wonderland.


MOCAP training and experience. Military training and experience. Medical training and experience. 0 years as an instructor, public speaker, and trainer with an Armed Forces, Civil Service, and theatre background. Capable of singing with direction.