John Lesser

Membro à 8 anos
"Professional, Comforting, Informative, Announcer"

My voice can be described as announcer, authoritative and professional for corporate training. It is described by those that have listened to it as straightforward, engaging, warm, informed and professional. My voice is mid-range persuasive, smooth and soothing voice. For audio books and corporate training it can be described as a sophisticated storyteller.


I hold a B.Ba. in Business Management with specialization in Aviation Management. I have held an Airline Transport Rating Pilot License. I hold a commercial photographic certificate and have completed many US Naval Training Programs related to fixed wing platforms. I hold the rating of Naval Aviator. I am experienced with US Naval defense systems and equipment.

My specific Voice Over training has been with Chuck McKibben.

I have been a subject matter expert for International Ballistic Missile Defense sea and land based systems. In addition to fixed wing air platforms, manned and unmanned.


Previous experience includes VO work for Lockheed Martin training and corporate sales descriptions of a classified nature. Additionally, I have produce two audio books for Amazon Books.