John Duffin

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"John Duffin will run your voiceovers to the finish (line!)"
John Duffin

After a successful near 30 year career in Broadcast Advertising Sales, with extensive Business Presentation expertise, John has seamlessly gravitated to voiceover work. My professionalism come through in regards to being receptive to coaching, fully understanding urgency and deadlines- and excelling at delivery. I have been coached by renowned Voice Coach, Marc Cashman. In addition, my fully functional (and battle tested) home recording studio was designed by Studio Wizard George The Tech Whittam. I have been told that my voice conveys energy, passion, enthusiasm, and empathy.


Voice Training by Marc Cashman. Most recent lesson- 05/06/2020. Marc recommended that I audition for Bodalgo.


I have recorded Facebook Advocacy Ads for Raval Media Group. I have recorded Podcast Ads for Better Health Advisors, and participated in the Audio Book (The People Profit Connection- Brent Darnell.) I assisted lead Narrator Lisa Leonard.


Presentation for Business