Johannes Trossö

Johannes Trossö

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"Warm, Captivating, Genuine"

Johannes Trossö is an expert voice talent with over 16+ years of experience, native to Sweden. Noted for his warm, captivating, genuine personas. He has been the content promotion voice for both HBO Nordic and Disney+ and is the national commercial voice for Lavazza in Sweden. He has also worked with brands like IKEA, JOTUN, Volvo, Klarna, Hornbach, Philips and many more. A versatile performer with demos in a variety of styles. Records from his professional voice studio or on-location in or near Gothenburg and other connected cities throughout Sweden.


- 4 years of professional vocal training (2001-2005).
- Educated audio engineer.
- More than 16 years in the business.


Johannes has worked professionally as a voice over/voice actor since 2006. Full time since 2013.

Some of the brands and clients include:
Lavazza™, Klarna™, Mutti™, JOTUN™, HBO Nordic™, IKEA™, Disney+™, Discovery Channel™, 7 eleven™, Hard Rock Café™, Ica™, Lidl™, Mercedes Benz™, Volvo™,BMW™, Inno Games™ Simpleshow™


Offers professional audio mixing and mastering of voice and audio tracks.
Offers translation from English into Swedish.
Offers copywriting.