Jerry McDaniel

Membro à 3 anos •
"A warm silky comforting Baritone voice with a little gravitas"

A voice acting coach, said she thought my voice had a warm silky comforting tone to it. I have a naturally baritone voice with slight gravitas, but can adjust both tone and pitch significantly. My natural tone and deliverance gives the listener assurance when needed. Confidence when required. I also have the ability to do many different celebrity and cartoon voices and my age range can be from a baby to a man in his sunset years.


Voice Actors Studio - Las Vegas, NV
Dave Fennoy
Marc Cashman
Melissa Moats
Martha Mayakis
Dan Compo
Commercial Actors Studio - Kansas City, MO


I started in a small market radio station in the early 90's. I have been doing commercials every since. Automotive, Commercial, eLearning, and more.


Make your scripts come to life with the adaptable and capable Jerry McDaniel.