Gerald Mackay

Gerald Mackay

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"Simply a great voice."

Gerald’s voice is warm, natural, caring…yet still conversational. A friendly voice that not only teaches, but also helps you learn. An informative voice…but one that keeps things light.

In a world of booming announcers and flat, dry deliveries…where everyone is looking for either the guy from the movie trailer or the "guy next door", Gerald MacKay stands out as a fresh alternative.

From tv commercials to training programs, marketing films to phone messaging systems…and the occasional talking bird…Gerald's voice delivers. Check out the demos, and hear for yourself.

- Patch into the booth by Skype, SourceConnect or phone patch. Late night hours available for overseas sessions.
- Most international payments are by PayPal or credit card. Payment by check or direct deposit is also available.


As a commercial film producer I worked often with voice talent for my projects. After awhile, I decided to give voice acting a try...if they could do it, why couldn't I? I managed to pick up a few gigs, and I've been behind the mic ever since.


My clients include:
Amazon, Motorola, Coca-Cola, Intel, Discover, Aramark, BarclayCard, Prudential, UBS, McDonalds, Nike, BP, Symantec, Comcast,, Exxon Mobil, AbbVie, Bechtel, Criteo, NetApp, Zebra Technologies, Chobani


Besides voice acting, I've also been a commercial film producer for over twenty years, and own my own production company, Littleflick Pictures. Learn more at