Jenn Henry

Membro à 6 anos •
"Dynamic Range for Your Best Result"

With a vocal and character range from mid-20's millennial to the weathered age of wisdom, identifying with your message, character, project evokes an authentic delivery which reaches your audience beyond their ears. For 5 years, Jenn's goal is providing an exceptional experience for her clients, teams, and collaborators; a goal met without fail and always with a smile.
Jenn recognizes the business of Voice Acting is much more than what she does in the studio and her "easy to work with/client 1st" practice beats as the heart of what she's built. This practice has also afforded her the opportunity to build an iron clad network of wildly talented professionals which spans the full scope of production. From concept to competition, Jenn offers a solution to every need. It's simple, People. Personality. Creativity. Results. Jenn Henry.


Jenn has trained with:
Nancy Wolfson & Everett Oliver: Commercial
J. Michael Collins: Documentary & Elearning
Marc Graue, Lani Minella, Lori Alan: Video Games and Animation
Jenn also brings 20 years of audio production to the table.


Jenn's greatest achievements in the VO Industry rest in the relationships built over the years. A "go-to" for many clients and production houses, Jenn's client list is highlighted by:
Virgin Mobile USA
Empire Beauty School
FOX Digital Media
LanguaMetrics, LLC [Providing voice/audio production for interactive, English linguistics programs for use by the Chinese Ministry of Education and America's NWEA, National CORE study]
Dynamic Works Institute [3 years, online collegiate courses and National Workforce Solutions training]
Video Game Studios/Sound Design highlights:
-Vile Monarch
-Lunar Wave
-LGM Games
Author, International Life Coach Malti Bhojawni [all audio products]


"Specials" is a curious field since much of what makes Jenn unique has to with the life experience that influences her work and how she does it. While Jenn has nearly 20-years of audio production/post production and writing behind her with an expansive network of "go-to" artists and technical/media developers, the personal attributes which have afforded her the opportunity to build her business are what stand most "special". These attributes are born of an unwavering positive perspective (without an obnoxious, saccharine coating), dabblings in stand-up comedy/writing, and a beautifully skewed view of things. There is always a solution and she'll find it by the most creatively colorful means. You'll see.