Jenise Morgan

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"My sound combines gravitas with a genuine smile..."

My name is Jenise; it rhymes with Denise. My sound combines gravitas with a genuine smile—like your high school best friend's cool, whip-smart older sister. I've voiced everything from BROKEN, a Netflix original documentary series, to sleepy time stories for kids. I love this work and am excited to collaborate with you.


Melissa Leebaert (DC), Roger Becker (NYC), Amy Marcs (NYC/LA), Paul Alan Ruben (NYC), Mary Lynn Wissner (LA), NYU News & Documentary


My credits include Netflix, Nextdoor, Discovery, Yelp, Vox Media, CNN/Courageous Studios, Rebel Girls, The Natural Resources Defense Council, Memorial Sloan Kettering, Coinbase and many others. I can't wait to add you to the list!


A former documentary TV producer, I know what clients need from me in the booth to achieve the best possible final product.