Jay Myers

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"Intelligent, warm, and engaging. Wry wit and humor."
Jay Myers

Intelligent, charming, and warm. Soothing and reasonable. Convincing and knowledgable. Causal or Professional. Wry wit and humor.

My voice is a versatile one that can fit whatever tone, emotion, or timbre a project needs to come to life. Some examples include:
-Calming meditation courses
-Survival video games
-E-learning courses for corporations as well as children
-Sentimental commercials and funny commercials
-Memoirs and instruction manuals

In my work with audiobooks, video games, and film, the types of characters I've played are equally varied and true.
-An artist whose ambition outstrips their means.
-A paranoid skeptic who challenges everything they see and hear.
-A gritty detective, who feels more than they let on.
-A Father whose thick shell cracks only as his daughter takes her final breaths.
-A broken heart, buried behind a broad smile and charming jokes.
-Broadcasted propaganda, echoing through a post apocalyptic wasteland.

When needed, mine is a voice of reason. One that people listen to when they need a problem solved, when they need a friend to say the right thing, when they need help putting together a desk, to talk through a meditation or a complicated recipe. A calming presence that helps foster understanding and confidence.

Professionally trained actor with an MFA from the prestigious NYU Tisch Graduate Acting Program.

An avid reader, yogi, dungeon master, athlete, amateur cook, nature lover, and volunteer.


I have an MFA in acting from the NYU Tisch Graduate Acting Program.


This month, July 2020, I've voiced two separate meditation courses, four separate video game characters across two games, and provided recordings for internal usage at two different corporations.


I am proficient in post production and can deliver finished audio to provided industry specifications.

I am proficient in many different dialects and accents, and can learn specific regional dialects when necessary with ease. I am also a good mimic and impressionist for instances where likeness, tone, rhythm, or something else need to be replicated as precisely as possible.

I am a classically trained singer in the baritone range.