Janye Killelea

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"youthful, warm, bubbly, friendly, cool young mom, little kid"
Janye Killelea

My voice has been described as sweet and youthful with a lot of versatility. I can sound like a little kid, a sassy teenager or a cool hip mom... and that's just for starters. I have an infectious positive energy that you can hear in my voice and will resonate with your audience. I'm easy going when tackling projects, but also know the importance of meeting deadlines quickly and professionally.


I've worked in broadcast television for 15+ years and have training in voice over and voice acting.
I've also taken the following classes:
Voice Over for Animation - with Lisa Biggs
Voice Acting for Toys - with Lisa Biggs
Creating and Sustaining Character Voices - with Beverly Bremers
Script Technique and Delivery - with Terry Daniels


I've written and recorded minute long vignettes for various paid clients for broadcast television and digital media.
Some of the clients included Visit Orlando, Visit Sarasota and Arm & Hammer.


I write copy, produce shows, packages and special segments.
Can also edit in home or off site at a professional studio.