James Barnard

James Barnard

Membro à 8 anos •
"Warm, clear, BBC English, versatile, character, drama."

Originally from London, I speak standard BBC English with an accurate and clear pronunciation, and have a good command of many English regional accents. I find it important to respond to the requirements of each project, whether that be intimate and conversational, formal and corporate, or high energy and dynamic.


I have 20 years of professional experience in theatre, having worked as a freelancer on more than 30 projects and performed on stage well over 500 times, as well as training and experience in singing and choral work. My extensive musical training and experience - which includes both playing instruments and composition - has been the key influence on my voice work, in which my primary focus is always rhythm and dynamic range. Having also composed and recorded music for theatre, I have a good working technical understanding of recording and post production.


I worked as a professional voice over artist for 2 years, 2010/11, when I booked a wide variety of jobs through a leading voice over website, including advertising, corporate training programs and audio books. I also had an agent where I was living at the time in Amsterdam, and had several jobs where I was required to go into a professional recording facility and work with a director for clients including Heineken and Vodafone.


As a theatre maker and writer, I have also been able to help correct and improve copy when ever the client has been open to that kind of collaboration. My primary concern is always to try and understand the specific requirements of each project, and put myself completely in the service of those requirements with the goal of delivering work of the highest possible quality and exceeding the expectations of the client.