Glenn Boychuk

Glenn Boychuk

Membro à 10 anos
"upbeat, fun, informative, narrative, friendly, guy next door"

I do a wide range of voices and styles from a natural guy next door, upbeat, friendly, hard sell, narrative, documentary, promo for TV and Radio, and lots of character voices too. I create original characters and and do popular voices as well. I've done narration for TV, the medical field, food prep, cell phone industry, health and wellness, all kinds of commercial work, station ID's, song parodies and dialects. Everything from Don Pardo to Spongebob Squarepants.

I can do many styles, many affectations, from smooth A/C presentation and friendly to out and out dorksville and lots in between.


My training came by way of over 20 years in the broadcast field. Numerous people in numerous cities helped me develop along with many mentors whom I still call on frequently to critique my material even sometimes before I send a demo.


I was a morning show host for over 20 years and wrote and voiced characters for the various shows over that time.

Some of my projects include . . . an international launch of Go-Go's toys, E-Learning for HP, The Air Force National Reserve promotional video, the international voice of Tabasco Sauce, LinkedIn, and many more. I was the voice talent of a TV station in Phoenix providing them with daily promo reads which were both regular and character voiced.

I have narrated TV specials, audiobooks, acted in a low budget movie (in character as a Gay Elvis) , done TV bumpers for specials, on hold voice over, and have read thousands of commercials.


I also provide audio via Dropbox, and can do fully produced projects as well
Narration for audiobooks, product demos, websites, videos and presentations for a variety of things in the medical field, film, movie, TV, in house video presentations, training videos, employee training, awards banquets, documentaries, product kiosks, trade show booths. I do a lot of these types of product reads, and they have become a specialty for me.