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"Smooth, deep and charismatic"

As a voice actor, I offer my clients a mosaic of voice tones to include but not limited to delightfully warm, friendly, professional, intriguing, gruff, comedic and conversational ranging from a mid baritone to a smooth bass tone.


Such A Voice Voice Training And Demo School


I have had the pleasure of working with some awesome clients. One of my biggest achievements was to be the voice of Marshal Bass Reeves considered the first Lone Ranger and who is credited with making over 3,000 arrest in the 1800's along the Mississippi Delta. The exhibit is a part of The National Museum Of Law Enforcement located in Washington D.C. I thank the Richard Lewis Media group for that opportunity.

I've also had the pleasure of working with Leveler Media, from Pennsylvania, who task me to voice two commercial internet ads for their client American Heritage Credit Union. One ad Revolutions Are Born Here located on YouTube has garnered 1.1 million hits in less than 2 years. Other clients include Pixeldust Studios, Speeding Films from London GB, Peyton Lea, Joseph Bauer, Greg Veerman, James Reid, Jeff Wall and many more.