Gary Furlong

Gary Furlong

Membro à 6 anos •
"Stop! I'll do the talking!"

Gary is an audiobook narrator and voice over artist. He has a versatile, natural sounding voice.
He is a specialist in accents, dialects and character creation!

He has been an audiobook narrator for over 2 years and have worked with some of the top publishers in the business. He can perform multiple accents to a native level, including: General American, British RP, Scottish, American Southern (Texas) and most dialects of Irish English.

Gary has a home studio with high grade equipment and software and can deliver high quality audio in most formats quickly.


10 years of Improv performance experience.
Narrating audiobooks for 3 years.

Trained with Sean Pratt for Audiobook performance and business. Sean Pratt is a top audiobook narrator and one of the most respected coaches in the industry.
Commercial Audio Training with award winning coach Marc Cashman
Received one on one coaching from Patrick Fraley. Patrick Fraley has voiced literally thousands of our favourite cartoon characters and is and award winning audiobook narrator.

Received dialect training from PJ Ochlan. PJ Ochlan is a widely respected actor, voice actor, narrator and dialect coach. He co-founded the Deyan Institute of Voice Artistry.


Gary works with many of the top audiobook publishing companies such as:

Tantor audio
Audible Studios
Harlequin Audio

Gary is a member of the Deyan Audio and Bee Audio rosters!


Gary is an accomplished guitar player and singer.
He lived in Japan for 5 years and can speak Japanese fluently.
Gary also has a great flair with accents and character creation.