Gabriela Belen

Gabriela Belen

Membro à 5 anos
"The multifaceted voice you really need"

REGARDS! I am Gaby, and I am what you are looking for all your audio projects, voice over, audio books, voice dubbing, singing, IVRS, and also music or creation of your demo reel. I can send the work you need at the time you want. I have a professional condenser microphone, Protools recording program, and for creation of demos Sony Vegas 9. I can send the files in mp3 or .wma
I also made adaptations of libretos to neutral Spanish.

This is my personal page of my dubbing works:
And my profile on SoundCloud:
(The demo was edited and played by me)

Come on! Let's work together, you will not regret it, I assure you.

In neutral Spanish


Professional voice acting actress - Voice Over - Voice-over and many more


Gabriela Belén is a Venezuelan dubbing actress. She currently works as a technical operator, artistic director and dubbing actress at Etcétera Group, one of the main dubbing houses in Caracas, Venezuela. In the same way he performs dubbing in Dolby Audio Video, Backstage Studios, The Kitchen Inc. and Albatros Studios.


Gabriela formally begins her work in 2012, receiving her training from renowned dubbing actors and directors, including Renzo Jiménez, Úrsula Cobucci and Marisol Durán.

Gabriela Belén has a great ability for characterization, acting, singing and voice-over, the latter being her most recent field of professional incursion, premiering in January 2016 as an announcer and producer of K-pop Zone broadcast on every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday with a lot of success.