Faye Brice

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"The right mix of energy and personality for any project!"
Faye Brice

I am a young female voice actor (voice rang 16-35) with experience in a wide range of tones, characters and styles. I enjoy the challenge of character development and vocal control in every job I do. I always start with developing “Who I am and who I am talking to” to impart genuine emotion and cadence.


Three month intensive voice coaching followed by periodic follow-up with professional voice coach Rachel Alena.
Over ten years of stage and classical voice training from childhood up through University of Colorado.


I have worked hundreds of jobs for: local governments, big name companies, smaller start-ups, universities, video game companies, cartoon and child focused companies, app developers, e-learning courses, and narrations.


I have classical voice training with experience in: classical, opera, jazz and musicals. The programs I currently work with are Adobe Audition and Premiere Pro. I can audio edit, add sound effects/background music and combine with a video.