Esther Rogers

Membro à 3 anos
"From soothing and empathetic, to conversational and funny."

What does over 10 years of voiceover experience mean? It means that I'm not afraid to take risks. In addition to clients like Vaseline, Mr. Clean, Head & Shoulders, Food Network, TD Bank, and Cineplex, I've also lent my voice to condom brands, dating websites, and even a bidet commercial. I was also the voice of an archer named Bella in a video game. There's (almost) nothing I won't say!


Esther has trained with a wide range of industry professionals in both Toronto and Los Angeles for commercials, video games, and animation, including:

Kim Hurdon
Craig Mason
Susan Hart
Sherry Dayton
Caroly Larson
Elley-Ray Hennessey
Crystal Meadows
Ivan Sherry
TJ Storm
Keythe Farley
Wes Gleason
Bill Holmes
Charles Adler
Edge Studio


Clients include:

Head & Shoulders
Mr. Clean
TD Bank
Food Network
KD Kraft Dinner
Credit Union
Home Hardware

Games and Animation:
Final Fantasy in a Nutshell


In addition to voice acting, Esther is a trained musical theater singer and improvisor, as well as a composer (piano). She's also an avid gamer!