Erick Hernandez

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"An all-round good guy. Real, Trustworthy, warm, sincere, funny,"
Erick Hernandez

Erick is very passionate about the work he does as a voice talent. Erick also understands the hard work that is put into each script and understands that the voice is the final step in each project, that’s why he will make it easy as possible to help you complete your project on time. Erick’s goal is to interpret your script based on your direction and vision.


Erick Has trained with the best in gaming and the commercial industry and continues to improve on his skills. Erick has over 30 years of customer service experience, 20 years of live/online corporate training. Erick speaks fluent US American English.


Erick has worked on YouTube/internet video productions, Retail marketing promos, recorded/Live corporate training presentations, and is currently working with a virtual voice assistance program to help those that can’t speak for themselves.


 Character voice
 Natural sounding
 Confident
 Matter of fact
 Playful
 Good guy
 Friendly
 Dad
 Inspirational
 Angry