Ellen van Treuren Richards

Ellen van Treuren Richards

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"Classy to Sassy"

Mature, textured voice, providing wide range of reads ranging from raspy cool, to elegantly refined. I was born in the U.S. South, raised in the North, and now known to my kinfolk as "that fast-talking Yankee Cousin".
As a former medical/IT consultant, I'm happy to be leveraging my former skills into medical/technical narration projects. Along the way, (and with great coaches) I've discovered a passion and ability to deliver a variety of VO genres and am greatly enjoying this second career.

I've raised two sons, lived all over the United States, traveled abroad, and have continually sought out life-long learning opportunities. With my family and friends, I enjoy biking, hiking, sailing, kayaking, and SCUBA; as well as gardening, theater, and music, currently serving as a trustee for The Las Vegas Philharmonic Orchestra.


4 yrs at The Voice Actors Studio, Las Vegas:
Individual and workshop coaches for multiple genres, including In-Show, Commercial, Animation, Dubbing, Characters, Audio books, e-learning, corporate narration, IVR, Anime, Medical, Documentary: Melissa Moats, Dustin Ebaugh, Shelley Avellino, Denise Thistlewait, Brent Makai, John McClain, Chad Letts, Tom Dheere, Fannie Brett-Rabault, Mick Wingert, Jack deGolia, Joyce Castellanos and others.

2019 WOVOcon workshops: J. Michael Collins, corporate, medical, e-learning narration; Dustin Ebaugh, e-learning; Jim Edgar, Twisted Wave; Maria Pendolino, and others

VODojo, Los Angeles guest coaches: LOTAS Studios, Jim Kennelly, and others

2 yrs w/ Lisa Biggs, Dream Bigg Media workshops: Toy & game voices, Boy voices, Laughter, Characters

2 yrs w/ Anne Ganguzza, and VIPeeps workshop coaches: Dianna Conley, Pat Brady,and others

Multiple ADR/Dubbing workshops : VoiceMasters, Peggy Lipton; 7-Holdings Media, Fanny Rebault; Stephan Cornicard

3yrs Coaching & workouts with GVAA, GFTB, VIPeeps, DreamBigg Media, as well as Long Island Voiceover, Atlanta Voiceover Studio & VoiceMasters;

E-VOcation, VO Atlanta , VOXY, conferences & others.

Sessions with Award-Winning Coaches:
David Rosenthal, Sean Dealy, David Toback, MJ Lallo, Paulette Lifton, JM Collins, Lisa Biggs, Anne Ganguzza, Pat Brady, Bob Bergin, Pat Fraley, Melissa Exelbreth, Mick Wingert, Everett Oliver, Daniel Fennoy, Dianna Conley, Jamie Muffett, Caryn Gilfrey, Debbi Irwin, and others.

Barrow Theater Group, NYC - Introductory Acting
The Voice Actors Studio - Improvisation & acting for commercials, audiobooks, animation, video games, Anime, dubbing.
VIPeeps - Improvisation
Dream Bigg Media - Acting for Toys, characters, Boy voices

Basic & Advanced audio engineering with John McClain, Monster Studios.
SourceConnect Certification, in progress, with Source Elements
Advanced Twisted Wave, Jim Edgar
Izotope Rx, in progress, Don Baarnes


University of Nevada Las Vegas: multiple corporate narration videos

Kirk Kerkorian School of Medicine, Nevada: multiple narration videos

Nevada Ballet Theater, Ben Rich Film: Fundraising Gala video narration

McShane, LLC, political campaign consultants: Facebook political ad

Atlantis Productions: multiple YouTube documentaries

Steelhead Media, Alaska, political campaign radio spots

Robbins Media, political campaign radio spots


Trained in audio engineering, and can deliver fully mastered audio files.

Longtime healthcare clinical/I.T. quality consultant, very well-versed in medical/pharma terminology, as well as various technical disciplines...providing a credible , believable, trusted read.