Elena Muntean

Elena Muntean

Membro à 4 anos •
"A voice to get your fancies tickled, and jollies rocked."

I love the art of acting, and respect what the world of voiceover contributes to that art form. I have a knack for manipulating my voice to achieve a vast range, thanks to my vocal training as a singer. Yet, it's the visceral embodiment of a character that makes my heart race; if I don't get goosebumps, then I'm doing something wrong. I can provide joyful and boisterous performances for the world of animation, and reach the depths of dramatic storytelling for today's video game platforms.


"Get Into Character" VIRTUAL Workout: Jason Linere White - The Voxernauts: Ongoing

VO Coaching for Video Games: Dave Fennoy (private)

Blumvox Studios Voiceover Training: Steve Blum

Dave Fennoy: VO For Games Class

VO Peeps VIPeeps Monthly Membership w/ Anne Ganguzza: Ongoing VO Workouts

V.O. Dojo: Ask the Sensei Live V.O. Q&A: Debbi Derryberry; Jennifer Hale; Dan Lenard; Faith Rumer

Voiceover Gymnasium: Kathleen Puls Andrade: Ongoing VO Workouts

VO Weekly Workout: Marc Cashman; Tish Hicks; Tim Friedlander; Matt Shepley; Sara Sherman; Portia Scott

Second City, Chicago: Improv/Scene Study w/Michael Pieper & Brian Posen

Columbia College, Chicago: Radio Broadcasting


To be coached by Dave Fennoy and Jason Linere White has been a dream come true. I am also a supporting character for the upcoming CG animation, "Next Saturday", playing the role of Alley.


Mezzo-soprano for Pop, Rock, and EDM.