Elea Petit

Elea Petit

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"Dynamic and poised French and Mid Atlantic English voice Actress"

Elea is a dynamic and poised voice actress with a highly versatile voice. A native French speaker and fluent in English since early childhood, she records in Parisian French, Transatlantic English and English with a French accent. She has dual citizenship (French and Canadian) and is also a certified translator, a proficient singer and a published composer.


I came into voice acting from a musical background as I had a lot of experience working as a singer and in the studio. I dived into the voiceover world headfirst and my abilities evolved as I worked within it.


Some of my clients include Nike, Amazon, Adidas, Huawei, Total, Nespresso, Too Good to Go and Babyliss to name a few.


I also offer composing, singing, post production and translation services.