Eduardo Zanotti

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"I have an elegant and mature voice perfect to your project."

I have seven years of experience in the Vo area, so if you are looking for a Brazilian Portuguese male voice that transmits elegance, confidence, proximity and why not authority and seriousness, I can be the right choice.
I use first quality equipment and software and record into an acoustic booth.
I have been working in several jobs as institutional videos, internet commercials, e-learning, product videos and so on.
I prefer to spend more time during the briefing than redoing in order to get what you want. So expect some questions if the framing is not clear to me.
I can also record in English and Spanish, but with a Brazilian accent.
If you need translation I offer this job as well.


I am a Mechanical Engineer and, at the beginning, audio was a hobby that was catching me along the time.
I have formation in Radio Voice, Commercial VO, Sound Design and I am an Actor as well.
In my opinion we cannot stop studying and learning once the world is changing rapidly and we need to be up to date.


Along this time, I have been doing a lot of different jobs, since the most simple ones like a few seconds and with simple approach to complete e-learning courses that are selling at Udemy.
The ones that are more challenging, but more pleasant to do are the ones that require synching. They are not dubbing, but need a more precise match between the voice and the image. Thoss kind of job demand good language knowledge and skills of recording and editing.


In the pos production I can offer sound design tasks as well: mixing, mastering, podcast editing, sound track, etc.