Dylan Walker

Dylan Walker

Membro à 2 anos •
"Approachable, Calm, Personable, Neutral American English"

Having spent over a decade working for one of the world's finest airlines, I have learned a thing or two about First Class. It's more than just a nicer seat in a plane. It's an experience. And I bring that First Class level of audio to all of my clients. Your project needs a co-pilot to give it lift, and it would be my pleasure to serve you.


I've studied with the likes of Marc Cashman, Don Baarns, Corey Dissin, John Burr, etc


Langley and Banack Podcast, Bancroft Press, Audible, Cavus Media, The Grumpy Stew Podcast, Findaway Audiobooks, ListenUp Audiobooks, Pink Flamingo Productions, Keystone Literary Publishing House, L& J Publications, Audio Flow, Punch and Roll Audio, Empire Audio, Deyan Audiobooks, Wolfstone and Voicebox, etc, etc


I can produce audio to any spec.