Don Goonan

Don Goonan

Membro à 7 anos
"The 'go to' voice when you want it done right, the first time."

My voice is often described as trustworthy, believable, honest, human. As one producer put it: "Your style is so smooth, so subtle that it seemed as though you were my subconscious informing me of the action." From documentaries to high energy retail spots and everything in between, I will help you tell your story the way you need and want it told. I've worked with and been directed by the best in the business. Take advantage of my wealth of knowledge and 30+ years of experience and let me bring your words to life.


After getting comfortable in front of a microphone over the course of many years in radio, I moved to production and engineering. It was there on the other side of the glass when on more than one occasion a client would say "Hey, you sound great. What would you charge to do the spot? It was also during those times when I learned from some of the most respected copywriters and broadcast producers, how to hone my skills to deliver a believable finished product. I consider that real-life mentoring as valuable as any training I could have paid for.


From radio and TV commercials for banks to car dealers and everything in between, to long format e-learning and instructional videos, documentaries, kids' books, podcasts and IVR, if it needed to be professionally read, I've probably done it.


With my years of audio engineering, I am comfortable with everything from recording straight voiceover to full blown production.