Desiree Deseo

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"Your swiss-army-knife of voices!"
Desiree Deseo

I've worked in the voice over and dubbing industry for 7 years, mostly catering to commercial studio houses, as well as a dubber for localization of foreign shows and films. My vocal range goes from child to mature adult, and can go from feminine up to young teenage boy. Depending on the clients preference, my voice can also be adjusted when an accent is needed.


My training started at Hit Productions, in 2013 as a commercial VO talent, and under SDI Media for ADR, and localization of movies, and TV series.


One of my biggest achievements was landing the role of Elizabeth Swann for the ADE localization of all current Pirates of the Caribbean movies. I had also landed the role of Naruto for the Animax Asia release of the English Dub of the anime. My clients for localization include, Netflix, Pixar, Dreamworks, and Copenhagen productions under SDI Media.


I have the ability to sing almost any genre of music with a specialty in opera. Even in song, I can change the tone and pitch of my voice to emulate a character.
I can speak English, Spanish, Tagalog, and German fluently, and I am currently studying Japanese and French.