Dean Wendt

Dean Wendt

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"Real. Fresh. Conversational. Fun. American."

Dean's voice has been described as warm and friendly, believeable and likeable to exciting and powerful. The guy next door that so many clients seek, young and hip or he can be the voice of Dad. He can even do character voices when needed.

Dean Wendt is probably best known as the voice of Barney The Dinosaur on the hit children's show Barney and Friends. He was also the co-founder and Disc Jockey on Radio Disney but left to dedicate his time to voicing "Barney" after Bob West decided to retire in 2001. His voice has appeared in various Barney mediums including concert tours around the world like "Barney's Beach Party LIVE ON STAGE!", Barney's Colorful World and Barney Live "The Let's Go Tour" and has also appeared in over one-hundred TV shows and over 25 videos.

His experience includes over 20 years on radio stations in Chicago, Orlando, and Dallas. Plus he has voiced thousands of spots for satisfied clients like Hit Entertainment, Walt Disney Company, Levi Strauss, ABC Radio and many others!


BA Communication Studies University of Illinois, Champaign/Urbana

Pat Fraley character classes


ABC Television
Hit Entertainment (Voice of Barney the Dinosaur worldwide)

As usual, Dean delivered it perfect and really fast. My YouTube videos has just surpassed the 1 million views thanks to Dean's wonderful voice! His voiceovers are so good that many of the high-ranking comments are about the voice. Here are some comments we received for our YouTube videos:

"i like your voice :)" - headgrumble
"This guys a pro at voiceovers ._." - tscolinn
"This voice-over guy is fantastic. Where can I learn to sound like him?" - Alex Knowles1717
"Im experienced at photoshop, but i stayed because his voice was damn amazing!" - MaryPoppinsGeese
"i would pay you a $100 if u read me a bed time story :3" - gaigaigoo

Working with Dean was an absolute pleasure. He's a phenomenal talent, exactly what we were looking for, and he was incredibly fast, as well. I would highly recommend giving him a listen, or, better yet, a hire.

Phenomenal delivery, exceptional tone and the quickest turnaround I've experienced. Dean is an incredible talent and worthy of your consideration!

Amazing voice talent and professional! Loved working with Dean, he was a pleasure to work with, and delivered very fast and high quality VO. Would recommend him to anyone wanting great talent and will work with him again in the future.


Character voices, fast reads, youthful and Disney type reads.