David Roubaud

David Roubaud

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"Deep, warm French bass voice, calm or authoritative"

Deep, warm, elegant, natural true bass voice. Native French, fluent in English.
Calm or authoritative, smooth or enthusiastic, friendly of even terrifying, I can perform all types of tones in a wide range of two octaves and a half.
Professional opera singer, sight reader,I can also perform singing in all styles from classical to pop-rock or jingles.


Besides an engineer degree (HEI High School, France) with specializations in computer science and acoustics, I have obtained a first prize of conservatory in singing, and since then had a training program in vocal pedagogy at the Rhône-Alpes Center of Voice.


My first voice over experiences were linked to my engineer and manager career in international companies : corporate presentations and tutorials for e-learning.
I used my voice to sell products and services all around the world, to manage and motivate teams, to animate seminars, and for corporate training sessions.

Now, as professional voice over talent, I have recorded for companies all over the world (Aeromaritime, Alertforce, Avocent, BMW, British Telecom, Cargill, Cartoon Network, Dell, ITV.com, Kaeser Kompressoren, Misumi Mechanical components, Nestlé, Océ printers, Presonus, RATP, Recaro Seats, Rio Tinto, Trend Micro, VM Ware, Weight Watchers, etc.). For several of them, I have furnished translation services from English or German to French.

Professional opera singer, I use to sing in the most intimate circles of chamber music, specially in German Lieder and French melody programs, very demanding for diction, and also in the wide areas of the operas houses or the théâtre Antique d'Orange.

I am singing teacher and organize numerous training sessions in singing and dramatic art.

As voice over singer, I have for example been hired by Turner / Cartoon Network for the sung promo spot of the Musical "Batman, the brave and the bold" which was requiring a top mix operatic and Musical bass voice.

Last but not least, I am sound engineer with a fully equiped home studio and I use to record regularly singers and voice over talents.


Native french, with a neutral accent and able to perform perfect West African, Provençal, Ch'ti and Switz dialects.
I also have good english, german, italian and russian accents.
I am also an experienced voice director, and I can direct sessions for French voice talents in French and English with live translation when needed.

Translation service from English, German and Italian to French.
Scriptwriting in French. proofreading
Delivery of timed, synchonized or Lip synch audiofiles

Professional opera singer, sight reader of music. And also playing bass guitar, guitar, drums and cello...