David Kelley

Membro à 2 anos •
"A Soothing Baritone Voiceover Artist"
David Kelley

Let me start by introducing myself as dkvoice901, a professional voiceover artist from Memphis, TN. Here in Memphis, one can find good BBQ, Blues, and the gentle sounds of David B, your voiceover artist with a soothing baritone sound. Given these qualities, I’m able to provide an astonishing powerful experience of delivery well beyond expectations.

My vast range of styles of sounds and inflection will compliment your script in detailing Commercials, Narrations, Documentaries, Movie Trailers, and much more. My voice has been said to reflect great artists such as James Earl Jones (The Lion King) and Dennis Haysbert( Are you in Good Hands). That being said, my key roles align well from my duty as an Army Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) for over 13 years. Furthermore, my ultimate experience as a successful entrepreneur provided the ground level for the next stage of my journey, a Professional Voiceover Artist. My voice is a gift that I use according to his will, and it's never about the money but away to make a powerful change.


My experience and training in voiceover began in Toronto, Canada while visiting Gene Evans Studio (GES) singing a Bill Withers tune.

* Gene Evans Music (Initial)
* Michael Evans (Annex Studios)
* Bill Dewees (Video Copy Training)
* Dave Fennoy (Videogames)
* Chuck Hubbard (Strawberry Hill Music)
* Brent Allen Hagel ( Movie Trailer Voice Training)
* J. Michael Collins (Full Professional Training Continued).


High viewing Credentials

1. Created the Voice System and Welcome movie for Wolfchase Crescent Apartments.
2. Voiceover contractor for Reality Records
3. Placed first in State, Age, and Region by Donna Groff Agency
4. Military voice commander for Guykitchell
6. Documentary of a NATO Africa project Mobb Films (Brian C. Ezeike)
7. Intro and Outro for Situation D Podcast
8. Veterans day dedication
9. Prostate Cancer Foundation (Men to Men)
10. Voice for Metropolitan Transport, LLC
11. Opening Jingle for 102.5 FM KHWD Radio
12. St Norbit College
13. African Heritage, Inc.
14. Cimarron Cigars
15. War is my Business
16. Stardust LED Lights
17. Landstar Logistics
18. Columbus Sports Arena
19. Degon Publishing (Audible)
20. Noahs Vark
21. The Write Publicist (Regina Lynch)
22. The Lynch Family Bible
23. Engage to Impact
24. Women's Scape
25. Congressman John Lewis Fairwell (Mobb Film)
26. Anabasis Films (Abraham Chen)
27. The Home Depot

This is only a few of many, just ask!


My special skills include Editing, Scriptwriting, Leadership, Teaching, Motivational Speaking, and a true gift to communicate on multiple levels. Experience in a wide range of industries including Military (U.S. Army), Sales (Real Estate Agent/ Asst Broker), and Transportation (Over The Road, Driver, President).