Dave Wallace

Membro à 10 anos •
"Young, Energetic, Cool Voice--and a commited team player!"
Dave Wallace

Let's put it this way...you know that guy in the back row of class who always broke the mood set by the teacher and got people to laugh? Well, that's Dave! His young, hip, cool, and conversational voice, with a bit of a surfer-dude twist, has added a sense of youthful fun to VO projects for clients like Disney, Old Spice, Fox, Red Bull, Nickelodeon, McDonalds, AT&T, and K-Mart to name a few. Between taking direction well, his sound, and his professionalism, Dave is the guy that these clients (and many more) have trusted with their VO projects, and the guy that you can trust with yours!


-Graduate of the Ohio State University, B.A. in Theater
-Improv Training at io West
-Graduate of Nancy Wolfson's Braintracks Audio Program
-Student of Joyce Castellanos and Harry Dunn for promos
-Student of Richard Horvitz for animation/video game characters
-Student of Marc Graue for radio imaging
-Student of Susan Berkely for marketing
-Student of Moneen Daley Harte.
-Narration lessons with former CESD booth director Marc McIntyre.


At a glance, some of his clients in the voice acting business include:

*Old Spice
*The Cleveland Clinic
*The DC Lottery
*The University of Michigan (and Dave's a Buckeye, how ironic is that?)
*Miken Sports Products
*The Great Voice Company
*Venture Visuals
*Trailer To the Stars
*Bubblegum Interactive
*Rhythm Interactive
*Golden Media
*Animated Storyboards
*Between Pixels Productions

"Dave Wallace is a complete pro! He's got a great attitude - responsible, respectful, a committed team player. He's got great sound equipment - the audio files he delivers are clean and clear. And best of all, he's a really good voice actor! I got a multitude of very usable takes, each with a slightly different approach and interpretation, and I didn't even have to ask for it. He covers all the bases, and is just a pleasure to work with!"
-----Mark Holleran

"Dave Wallace is an amazing Voice Over talent. He moves easily into a character or an emotion with total believability. I love working with him."
-----Misty Taggart
Executive Producer/CEO, TRAILER TO THE STARS

"Dave Wallace is wonderful to work with. He is completely professional, responsible and a pleasure to work with. He definitely knows what he’s doing."
-----Ruth Ogbeab


I'm not just a VO talent, but I'm also an audio producer. I have a library of royalty-free music and SFX that I would be more than happy to supply you with and edit for you for a small additional fee. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Also...even though my comfortable age range is about 16-28 years, that's with strict regards to projects that want a "realistic" sounding voice. I have some skill with impressions and mimicry, and the general rule of thumb is that I can mimic almost any voice I hear if I can listen to some sample audio. Just know that these impressions will lean more towards being more of a comedy/parody.