Dante Mohammed

Membro à 3 anos •
"Smooth and silky or rough and epic, I'm your man!"

Since I was a child, I have always been moved by the voices involved in everything on television, radio, computer, and other outlets of media. Whether it was a voice from my favorite show, a video game, or even a catchy commercial, I always thought that the voice was the connection for the audience to the message, and to me, it was magical. Growing up, I spontaneously developed an unusually booming and low-pitch voice throughout my teenage years. Upon hearing me speak, people recommended I do this line of work to my absolute delight, but as we all know, it takes much more than that! I started seriously investing time and money into my career once I graduated high school. I have been coached privately by prominent figures in the VO industry. After years of training and investing blood, sweat, tears, and much savings into my craft, I am proud to say I have my foot in the door in this industry, and I never plan on stopping. I love Voiceover!


I was personally trained by voice actors Dan Green and Art Bruder, who have also been long time coaches, and a radio host who does Verizon commercials and moderates a college radio station. I additionally attend V.O. workshops and have work under my belt.


I have done voice over work for 2 years for several animations, comic dubs and comedic projects, all from which I have received very positive feedback from. I was a former co-host of a radio show, where I was also asked to voice their legal ID's. I have also voiced characters from an album song.


I can clean my own audio.