Danny Martinez

Membro à 2 anos
"My voice is friendly, confident and believable."
Danny Martinez

I worked as a Top Forty radio personality for fifteen years in major markets such as Washington D.C. and Houston, Tx. I also did voiceover projects for the local businesses in the markets in which I worked. After my radio career, I began a new career in the field of stand up comedy, and my wife and I opened our own comedy club in Houston Tx. The business was sold in 2013 after thirty years in business. I retired from stand up and have since been doing voice over work. My voice has a friendly natural tone that is believable and confident. I have received very good reviews from the clients I have worked with.


I learned my voice over and editing skills from the great program directors I worked with while I was in radio. KILT Program Director Bill Young was a major contributor to my broadcasting and VO education.


I have many years of experience in broadcasting and vo. Everything I work on is a great achievement. I treat every project as the biggest one I've ever had. I enjoy my work and value jobs I receive.


I speak three languages, English, Spanish and Italian and am able to pronounce Spanish and Italian words correctly and without an accent.