Dan Levy

Dan Levy

Membro à 3 anos
"Authentic, expressive with a wide range as a VO Talent & Singer"

I´m a VO Talent, Singer, Musician, Producer and the owner of a commercial studio; a music & post-production company founded 23 years ago.

My mother tongue is spanish & I speak english fluently with latin american accent.

I’m well positioned in Mexico and I already work with some clients in the UK & USA. I know this is a good moment to expand because more companies are now open to work remotely.

My studio is equipped with Source Connect, Phone Patch & ipDTL.

After being a VO Director & Producer for many years, I have the experience of being on the other side, and that allows me to simplify the process and have a better understanding of the client needs.


Music Composing & Singer Career. Producer & Voice Director for 23 years.


Voice for many international brands, such as Coca Cola, VW, Nestlé, Gobierno de México, Banamex, and many more


Integration of the whole process of VO, audio production, music composing, sound design, post-production & mixing.