Courtney Holly

Courtney Holly

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"Warm and inviting, with just a touch of sass!"

I’ve been working as a professional actress for over 10 years now.
I hold a BFA in Acting from the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point. Thanks to my degree and training I know how to bring a script truly to life.
It’s one thing to have a pleasant or unique sounding voice, but if you lack the skill to tell the truth that’s buried in a script-- it will never feel like a living and breathing story.
This is what I’m best at!
My passion lies in the work that it takes to break down a script and find the message behind it and what makes it interesting.
This always results in a natural, engaging and honest delivery that won’t sound rehearsed or technical.

From commercials to telephone prompts to your next videogame character: My strength lies in bringing life to any role given to me!


In 2015 I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting from the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point where only 8 students are accepted into the acting program each year. Which allowed me a one-on-one conservatory-style training program taught by professors who are well known in the theatre, film, and voiceover world.
It is a rigorous program that involved intense training in the craft of not only acting but voice and movement as well!

It was in my training there that I was taught not only how to use my voice in various ways to fit different characters or script styles (ie. Commercial, corporate, cartoon...etc) but also how to find the truth in the words I was saying.
Having a unique or pleasant-sounding voice can only go so far, but when you can bring the script to life with that voice… it’s a whole new ballgame!
During my training, I learned how to operate sound equipment and the science behind it all. Thanks to this I am capable of recording and editing all of my own sessions!


I’ve been acting professionally for well over 10 years now, since graduating college I’ve had many roles on stage, on camera and behind the mic.
My most notable voiceover roles include:

- The recurring supporting lead role of Alison Moretti in the popular audio drama podcast “Boom: A Serial Drama” (4 seasons)
- The recurring supporting lead role of Lieutenant Ava DeWitt in the animated series “Cyberspace Mars”
- Training modules for Hyundai USA
- Commercial spots for the Texas and Colorado Army National Guard
- Commercial spots for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA)
- Phone system for Hunter Hotels and Conference Headquarters
- Many audiobook titles on


- Post Production
- Special effects/stock music for your projects
- Dialects