Connor Chmel

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"Fresh, youthful vigor with a side of gentleness"
Connor Chmel

I am a young voice actor with a genuine and optimistic personality, but I can be very realistic when I need to be. I can be soft, comforting, and empathetic for projects with more sensitive topics. I can be extremely enthusiastic and silly when it comes to the thing I love in this world, but if you need a clear, informative, and serious voice for your project I can still handle that with ease.


Such A Voice program - Coach Tim Powers


For the time being, I have not yet worked for any large companies as of writing this. My personal online works are what I considered my biggest accomplishments at the moment, even if there are rather simple compared to professional work. I try to make online content that people will like based on things I like myself. I'm proud of the work I have done and have plans to do much more in the near future.


I have amateur post-production skills when it comes to audio and video editing. I have edited my own videos and do my best to clean up my audio. I composed music in high school, but have mostly dropped that since.