Christopher Grant

Christopher Grant

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"I don't know how I do it. I just do it."

I am the narrator for a number of online videos for the Kansas City Chiefs (NFL), and the public service announcements that are played in the stadium during game day.

I am the narrator for a number of online videos for Notre Dame Athletics, including Basketball, Football, and Lacrosse.

I have recorded VOs for American Energy Partners that air on the radio during Oklahoma City Thunder (NBA) games.

I have recorded KFC and VOs that run on Spotify.

I have recorded e-learning modules for Advantage Care Physicians.

Other clients include: Pepsi,, Oregon University, University of Tennessee, University of South Carolina, Louisiana Oaks, Sonic, MDVIP, OFEV, and more.

In addition to my VO work, I am a published Young Adult author (TEENIE, Knopf, 2010). As a successful novelist, I am adept at storytelling and character immersion.

I have been performing improv and comedy for over 5 years in NYC.

I have been studying with voice coach and producer Anna Garduno for 3 years in all areas of voice over.

Guy next door, millenial, funny, wry, excellent storyteller narrative for commercials (Applebees, Bud Light, Doritos)

Deep macho tough guy for all sports related commercials (Gilette, Gatorade, Nike, Listerine, Colgate)

Narration and industrial (National Geographic, Discovery Channel, announcer and promos for all networks)

Strong improvisational and comedic skills

I have created dozens of characters from animation to straight commercial announcers with a wide range of vocal styles that match the particular products I can represent.

Accomplished in a myriad of dialects for animation. Dialects include cockney, posh, middle class British, Jamaican, Caribbean, Southern (Texas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Mississippi) Indian, Russian, Brooklyn, Bronx, Italian, urban, NY, Boston, surfer, yokel

Vocal age range 15 to 105 years old

Animals, NY cop, cabbie, sexy DJ, Old Man, snotty game hunter, sportscaster, dominican, haitian, rasta, nerd, 70s soulman.


Voice Forward, Anna Garduno


Lincoln Motors
Kansas City Chiefs
Notre Dame Athletics
University of Tennessee Athletics
University of South Carolina Athletics
Oregon University
American Energy Partners
Advantage Care Physicians
Bear River Casino


I am a published novelist, well-versed in copy creation. I can compose music, and am adept at adding music, and finishing tracks.