Christian Scott

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"Loves to talk so glad that it can be job"
Christian Scott

I genuinely love talking to people. I have since I was a child. The "don't talk to strangers" talk was lost on me. My favorite thing to do was tell people stories, whether they wanted to hear them or not. Every piece of copy from a commercial voiceover to an explainer video to an audiobook has a story to tell. It is information that the writer wants to convey, but also information someone needs to hear. It is my job to do the work, to show up at the microphone, and tell that story.


Roy Yokelson: Audio Editing with Adobe Audition
Christa Lewis: Commercial Voice over and Audiobook Narration


I was a spokesperson for Globalgig. Globalgig has developed a multi-carrier SIM card that has the capability to establish wireless connections with more than on mobile carrier. I was the spokesperson at their launch for the United States English speaking market. I covered their marketing ads and explainer videos. I am currently the voice of a book series. The first is entitled "The Fall" and is set to release "this fall" (haha..bad joke).


I am a trained Mezzo Soprano. I perform musical theatre, jazz standards, and gospel music. I have intermediate piano skills. I edit my narration in my home studio and primarily use Adobe Audition.