Christian Pereira

Membro à 2 anos
"Your satisfaction is my number one priority."
Christian Pereira

What sets me apart from other voice over artists is the fact that I legitimately care about your work, and any audio you receive you will receive promptly, and in a ready to use state. My number one priority is your satisfaction, whatever you need I can do. Sound effects? Editing? Music? Anything you need I got it, because your satisfaction is my top priority.

I use a Lewitt 440 Pure condenser mic, have a treated recording studio, and skill in audio editing software like Audacity and Reaper so you can rest easy knowing that any project I work on will come to you ready for use.

I was born and raised on the West Coast of the USA, and have spent most of my life as an actor and I have and will spend my entire life honing the craft. If you want someone for you next project who works hard, works well, and cares about your project, hire Christian Pereira, on your next project.


I have trained as an actor for 10 years, studying the Meisner technique primarily. I started Voice Acting around 2 years ago, luckily many skills of acting and voice acting are transferable. Understanding the subtext of a script, reacting to an imaginary situation truthfully, the main difference was learning how to speak correctly into a microphone.

My training specifically as a voice-over artist comes primarily from practice. You'll hear me if you haven't already in the upcoming video game "Ready or Not" and in the future appearing in the in development video game "SCP: Blackout"


I am in the game Ready or Not developed by Void Interactive appearing as multiple characters, and I have acted for many years in plays and independent films.


Music, Sound Effects, Mixing, Editing, Post Production