Chris Abernathy

Chris Abernathy

Membro à 8 anos •
"Reassuring and comfortable with just a touch of southern charm."

I have a college degree in theater and 30 years of experience working with my voice full time.

Most of my life I have lived in Alabama in the southeast of the United States but I grew up with an English mother and spent a couple of my formative years in Scotland. The result is a vocal style that has a touch of the "southern charm" but without the slow drawl (unless I force it).


I studied theater at Jacksonville State University and received some speech training there but mostly I have learned "on the job" creating new characters and situations every day.


I have worked for big companies like Subway, MOPAR and Samsung as well as startups, dreamers and educational institutions.


I am able to help turn information into a concept and then deliver that concept as a fully developed piece of audio. If you are unsure of exactly how you want to say what you need to say, I can help.