Charlotte Chiew

Charlotte Chiew

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"The warm, bubbly, inspiring voice for your international audiece"

Charlotte Chiew is that ABC voiceover girl! That is, American-ized, British-schooled, Chinese-descended.
Originally from Singapore, Charlotte is an actor and voice artist based in London. English is her native tongue. Growing up amidst the international communities in Australia, USA, Singapore, and France, Charlotte's natural accent is kinda-American-sort-of-British with the optional Asian lilt. Some people call it the Mid-Atlantic/Transatlantic accent, or the unplaceable international accent. She selectively voices in Mandarin.


Mainly Gravy for the Brain, Voiceover Kickstart, Edge Studio, WoWVOHeaven, and professional actor training.


Corporate narration: HSBC (Diversity). Nokia (Recruitment), ACCA
eLearning: Philip Morris International
Travel/Tech: Amadeus, Bobine Mobile France (IVR)
Medical: Prospects (National Health Service, UK)
Audiobooks + eLearning for kids


Business, Travel, Tech, eLearning for kids, Audiobooks, Audio Guides, Book Trailers
Accent: Educated, International, Indistinguishable, Unplaceable