Celiece Aurea

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"Intuitive evoker of emotions."
Celiece Aurea

Every writer dreams of imprinting their words into the hearts of readers. Using her gift of voice, Celiece’s energetic, comforting, and soulful vocals breathe life into those words. She records with all her heart, allowing her voice to carry the emotions demanded by any script.

Her style is confident, fun, sultry, conversational, reassuring, upbeat, approachable, and natural--all rolled into one, making her perfect for multimedia ads, business, narration, and e-learning. Her passion for recording and making a difference in people’s lives is what propelled her to become a voice-over artist.

Celiece always believes in the power of first impressions and how the graceful, subtle persuasion of her voice unconsciously evokes emotions in the end user.

With a smile that can be heard, Celiece’s love for voice-over is audibly demonstrated when recording. When people hear her voice, they just want to keep listening and listening. What could be better for the client?

As a great communicator, Celiece listens, takes direction well, and always delivers on time, if not early.

Celiece is ready to do a variety of voice-over work, in a natural yet enticing, and informative yet captivating voice.


Voicetraxwest in Los Angeles- Commercial V.O. and Animation
Kim Handysides - Commercial V.O. with a session of Animation
Kim Handysides 1 on 1 Commercial V.O.
Gravy For The Brain - Voiceover for Beginners, How to Voice Commercials, How to Voice Audiobooks, Advanced Voiceover
Pam Goldman, Buchwald Agency - Animation Intensive
Noah Blake - 1 on 1 Commercial V.O.
Lisa Biggs - One time Group Class Animation


In the past I have done on camera work for Geico Ins, Diet Coke, AT&T, KFC, Powerade


I host Karaoke by night (During COVID free times) so singing is a talent I bring to any character needing singing.
I know my way around Logic Pro X and Final Cut Pro on a MAC operating system.