Carel Cronje

Carel Cronje

Membro à 7 anos •
"Professional, highly versatile and well-seasoned voice actor"

I have been an award-winning broadcaster, voice-artist and voice-actor for many years who has now begun specialising in foreign language film & animation-dubbing into both UK and US English. I particularly enjoy doing different - especially English - accents, but enjoy voice work of all kinds.


Spent years as a radio DJ and newsreader at several prominent radio stations in South Africa. I am also a published author of both novels and local celebrity biographies. Now based in Cape Town, I consult, conceptualise and copywrite for prominent national and international advertising agencies.


I have voiced commercials and campaigns as well as writing articles, songs, commercial scripts, general copy and campaign slogans for brands like Barclaycard, BMW, Diners' Club, Whirlpool, Montblanc, MedShield, KIC, Unilever, and numerous other well-known local/global entities. I love rising to meet challenges and deadlines, but above all, I doggedly maintain my hard-earned reputation for being in touch, in tune, good fun and easy to work with; no tin drum ego here. Vices, you ask... Well - I have a passion for Greek komboloi's (worry beads), boutique red wines, fountain pens and fantastic studio microphones. Vive la créativité!


As a partner in the two-man Carnell Collective, we own a fully-fledged professional recording studio where we produce anything from orchestral film scores to jingles - apart from also songwriting and producing albums for record companies in South Africa